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[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Tonight is the meeting of the Committee on Forbidden Magics, to discuss whether, and if so, how, to amend the Laws with respect to Void magic and its usage, as per the request of our Ren'dorei brethren.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I trust everyone has read the pertinent section of the Laws, and knows what they are.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: If you have not, I will summarize it briefly.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard folded his hands behind his back, standing at ease.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard lets out a series of hacking coughs until mention of a summary of the laws is made.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Void is entirely illegal, with writs for research allowed, while writs for practice may not be.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Duskfall, as you raised the concern at our last meeting, would you like to start it off?
Aurienae-MoonGuard 's expression hardens at this. She blinks as a wave of deja vu washes over her expression.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard nods at the Chancellor, preparing himself.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: As ren'dorei, we are in essence, occupying a strange liminal space within the senate. Brought up in the last meeting regarding entry, I noticed part othe new legislation barred entry to those who have used or studied void magics. Naturally should that »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » have been fully implemented, it would mean that people such as me, ren'dorei, would not be able to join the Senate in the future. This, coupled with previous in-senate debate and a concern over ren'dorei safety in Storwmind let me to believe that we »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » are not welcomed for who we are, and what we bring to the table."
Salazar-MoonGuard looked around, "To keep things moving along, just raise your hand."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard raises a hand.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard raised his hand.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Director Shadesong.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Dawnstrider.
Velthoren nods at Vanidicus.
You nod at Velthoren.
Vanidicus nods at Velthoren.
Binklestein-MoonGuard lifted his goggles slightly using his right hand to rub his eyes, he persists and raises hand slightly.
Aurienae-MoonGuard raises her hand softly. "I would speak as an outsider on this matter once the others have had their chance...if such is acceptable to the Chancellor."
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Still a director? Huh, neat. Okay, the long and short of it from me is that void magic is a fucking mistake, people who practice it are mistakes, the initial group of 'ren'dorei' which are just upjumped sin'dorei who got kicked out of Silvermoon made a »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » mistake, and people wanting to replicate that mistake should know they're making a mistake. It's a mistake to be unambiguous about how much of a mistake void magic is, and anyone who mistakes me for giving two shits about propriety about that fact »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » is in for a long night. Also, the wifey wants me to pass along a statement, but since it'd formally be from another person being read in absentia, I can wait if you'd like Chancellor. Also good to be back, I look forward to vocally disagreeing with »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » some of you lovely people, it's been too long.
Salazar-MoonGuard looked to Liridian, "Once the Senators have their turn, later on."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard nods.
Aurienae nods at you.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard strokes his chin in contemplation.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard bristles from Oliviaxi's response.
Salazar-MoonGuard looks to Shadesong, "I will have to scrub our virginal walls after this meeting, by the Light."
Vanidicus lets out a boisterous guffaw!
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard grins, "I aim to please. And displease. Life without anger is too boring."
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Don' worry captain, I'm way ahead of you.
Aurienae smirks slyly at Oliviaxi.
Oliviaxi grins wickedly at Vanidicus.
Authan scoffs at Oliviaxi.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Shall I commence, sir?
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: The reality is that the Six have approached dark magic, like void, with disdain for as long as this City has stood. Up until recently, the Tirisgarde executed the Empyrean Society for their research of such magic without trial.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: General, go ahead.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard just grins at the two ren'dorei to her right, and doesn't at all look bothered by any bristling or scoffing.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard looks over at Oli...she looks disappointed.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard shuffles over to Kyandra to pat her on the shoulder consolingly. That she has to reach up to do that a bit doesn't bother her at all, and she otherwise just seems to enjoy being back and potentially getting into it with people.
Oliviaxi gently pats Kyàndra.
Jarrick stares Oliviaxi down.
Oliviaxi stares Jarrick down.
Jarrick stares Oliviaxi down.
Oliviaxi stares Jarrick down.
Jarrick stares Oliviaxi down.
Oliviaxi stares Jarrick down.
Salazar-MoonGuard stares at everyone staring.
Oliviaxi stares you down.
You stare Oliviaxi down.
Jarrick stares you down.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard offers a mulish smile across the room at Lunarglow, remembering her from her first meeting. He wonders what she thinks of the situation at hand....
Binklestein-MoonGuard places his hands around his mouth, a small chuckle elevating, but kept at bay for the time being. He too was curious of everyones opinion on this matter.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard blinks large owlish eyes at Cerphiel, keeping silent
Cerphiel-MoonGuard nods at Kronic' Kal as he enters, also remembering him from Ambassador Kyandra's introduction.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard cleared his throat. "Th'captain, however crudely, makes a series of points which I shall make to encapsulate. First being is that the initial batch of void elves, so t'speak, was very small, an'their immediate students represents a very small percent
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | of th'overall population. Th'second is that void magic is truely an' evil thing, a punishment for using it, as per regulations of th'Council of Six, is immediate exile an' stripping of all rank an' privledge of their station in the Kirin Tor. Our
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | void elves here have served with gallantry an' distinction. An' have arrived here to practice Arcane Magic. Any void elf who arrives here to do so should be welcome here an' is welcome here, case in point. However, no loosenin' of void magic law can
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | occure at all. Ever. We can make case by case exceptions for Ren'dorei, but use of any void magic is an' should remain strictly forbidden."
Lunarglow-MoonGuard raises her hand
Levinarr-MoonGuard looked over to Cerphiel and Kyandra with his one good golden eye after coming down the stairs and entering.. He gently bowed his head towards Cerph.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Wintersong.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard appraises the General's statement, and turns to see what Senator Wintersong has to say.
Authan-MoonGuard raises his hand
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard flashes Van a thumbs up.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard looks over at her teacher and smiles at him lightly, before looking over at Lunar to see what she had to say.
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: "I concur with the General, Void magic should not ever be something that one is allowed to cast. My ancestors paid the price for the hubris of using magic that was beyond their capabilities, and I believe we should learn from their mistakes. It is also »
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: » known that the void corrupts and the whispers never truly fade. What would be the case if such practitioners were to lose themselves to madness? Would the onus be on us to put them down like rabit dogs? I think not."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Chief Alchemist.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard meant rabid, yes.
Authan-MoonGuard nods and turns to the members of the 'circle' "I just want to remind my fellow senators of two things..."
Levinarr-MoonGuard raises his hand.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard waggles two fingers as if to count them down and looks on, brow quirked.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "First. Of the Laws of Arcane Magic. Which states that magic is Powerful, corrupting, addictive and attractive to the being of the Twisting Nether. Meaning that the Void does not hold exclusivity on being a 'dangerous' practice as some of you would »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » insist. And second..."
Vanidicus-MoonGuard strokes his chin in contemplation.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard nods at Authan, building a case in his head for his next statement.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "That any Ren'dorei that are able to join the Kirin Tor are have proven already to possess a hardened will and a sharp mind. And are as likely to succumb to the whispers as any other mage is likely to turn mad with their respective magical powers. We »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » sought the Void as a mean to help our struggling people. And that is our ultimate goal."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard raises her hand.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: After th'others, captain.
You look at Authan.
Jarrick-MoonGuard raises a hand.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard sighs, and retracts the hand, making a show of it.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I will interject here, and then Dreamwhisp has the floor.
Binklestein-MoonGuard smiles towards the Ren'dorei keeping his mouth closed to watch the others around him speak.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard looks agitated. She wanted to interject too.
Roeser-MoonGuard power walks in hurriedly and takes his place, trying not to disturb the proceedings too much.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Nightbringer, I will present this question for the sake of the debate. If Sin'dorei sought out the Void willingly, and Dalaran has long been opposed to Void magic, why come to the one place with the most restrictive magical laws on this planet »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » in the hopes of changing them, because you made a choice?
Cerphiel-MoonGuard winks at Roeser as he comes in, but the motion is not entirely friendly, nor it is it hositle.
Oliviaxi blinks at Vanidicus.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard raises his hand, letting it be known that after others he has more statements to make.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard blinks at Van's blinking.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "Not in the hopes of changing them, no. But because Dalaran has been a symbol of respect for those magically attuned. The people of Stormwind does not understand magic. They are much more afraid of the Void than the citizens of Dalaran will ever be. »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » So, more or less. Dalaran is a refuge for us."
Roeser-MoonGuard nods politely at Cerphiel, offering a small smile.
Salazar-MoonGuard nods, "We'll return to that. Senator Dreamwhisp."
Vanidicus-MoonGuard looks all scowly.
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: The topic of hand that we are discussing is void magic and ren'dorei, yes?.. I have to agree with the General and Senator Wintersong. The population of void elves has been increasing since but a small group of them have emerged from the wandering space »
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: » around Azeroth and with it, more of the void magic that all of you say is powerful, corrupting, addictive, and attractive.. It is very much so all of those things and people can lose themselves if they are not careful with such benedicting magic and »
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: » spells.. The void not only corrupts everything that it touches and whispers to you, but if one were to continue to hear and listen to it?.. Yes, it can be an uncertain evil and dangerous thing but I believe that the ren'dorei have control and can »
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: » retain from falling into a deep hole as it comes to it besides of few of those that already have given in to its influence. It has a hold, yes but take like this?.. It only twists and turns the user or the person exsisting with it, if they allow it »
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: » to..
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: To respond do that and to touch quickly back on Nightbringer's point about Dalaran being a refuge...
Authan-MoonGuard smiles at Kronic'Kal to mark his agreement of most of his talk.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Has the Alliance not welcomed the Ren'dorei into their fold? And what of Telogrus Rift, is that not a refuge? The bigger question for the Magocracy is the extent to which we are willing to maintain the burden of but one void elf succumbing to the »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » constant whispers. Which, by the way, does not exist for a user of the Arcane.
Roeser-MoonGuard raises a hand.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Either you or Senator Nightbringer may respond.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard raises a hand.
[Rissenia-MoonGuard]: sorry ;a;)
Cerphiel-MoonGuard pinches his temple in consternation.
Aurienae-MoonGuard clasps her hands behind her back, listening with a furrowed brow. Each line speaking of familiarity with such debates.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Roeser and Alexander may speak after the rest have gone.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Janeway.
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: I do not believe that the usage of Void outside of research purposes should be tolerated for any circumstance. Many have lost themselves to the darkness that calls, how much would it take to bring them down to the brink of madness until those we call »
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: » friends turn against us? As I will echo from Senator Wintersong, how long until those we call companions must be put down like rabid dogs? I tolerate the Ren’dorei that have come into our city and have even befriended a few, but Void magic is »
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: » nothing but corruptive. There are times in our lives that our wills and minds be put to the test, but I fear those who drown themselves in the evil magic that is void will be the first to succumb to such things. Void corrupts just as quickly and as »
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: » harshly as Fel. Arcane may corrupt some, but it can take hundreds if not thousands of years to do the amount of damage that it takes for Fel and Void to do in minutes. We don’t allow those who have deeply entrenched themselves in the power of the »
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: » Fel to openly cast their magic in the city.
Jarrick-MoonGuard gives a knowing look to Salazar. “Do we?” He returned his gaze to the rest of the circle. “Void should be treated no different.”
Jarrick raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Lunarglow.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard grins, baring her fangs at Leo
You nod at Jarrick.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Duskfall.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: I see that others are so ever fixated on the nature of the void, yet as Authan has pointed out magic, indeed in any capacity has cause for addiction, and misuse. So many fear what they do not understand, yet we as ren'dorei are on the few who may come »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » close to both understanding and mastering the Void. We have been given a gift, a gift that I intend to use to support myself and my allies. As others have noted, have we not proven ourselves as citizens worthy of respect? Have you not asked us for »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » help in void matters? You so easily dismiss the void as if it seperate, yet it is bound within us, inseperable. Dalaran is the nexus of magical learning, and of all places would be one of the few safe havens for our kind. If you dismiss the void, »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » then you dismiss us. Would you turn on us, as the ancient kal'dorei did to their arcane kin? I believe that as ren'dorei we should be able to employ a restricted permission to both research *and* practice the powers of the Void. As I said before, we »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » are the only ones here that have the knowledge and skill to do so. Let us us it in the service of the Senate, let us be who we are among our peers!
Kyàndra-MoonGuard did NOT like that question regarding the Kaldorei's turning on the Highborne. Her ears lower ALOT from it....
Authan claps excitedly for Cerphiel.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Director Shade-- Coen?
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: (let us use* it)
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: That was my throught train too, sir.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: I'll answer to either boss man, don't stress.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Old habits, also it's a bitching name that's a direct negation of the old one of the family back in QT, and fuck all of 'em.
Authan-MoonGuard ponders what this 'QT' place is
Cerphiel-MoonGuard whispers to Authan; "She speaks of Quel'thalas."
Vanidicus-MoonGuard sighed slightly.
Authan-MoonGuard whispers back with a confused face "Really!? How... peculiar!"
Cerphiel-MoonGuard stifles a laugh, and regains his composure, turning to hear what is sure to be a....colorful speech from the Director.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard braces himself.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: To sort of dovetail off of what others have iterated on, in particular Senator Dreamwisp, I think a specific point needs making is that this isn't just *like any other kind of magic*. Void magic is *worse* than fel magic, and it's *worse* than »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » necromancy. It's literally possessed of a malicious and directed will that seeks the undoing of all of reality and the subjugation of all souls, also sin'dorei. I'd direct the comment to Senator Nightbringer, but to maybe make an analogy that you »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » can use to understand how not-well these points are scoring with the 'not whispered to by a creepy tentacle from beyond the stars' crown, I can strap a bomb to my chest linked to my levels of cortisol and it not going off because of my self control »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » doesn't make it any less stupid to invite me to your house or dangerous to let me do the dumb thing in the first place. Void magic is more dangerous than a chest bomb linked to cortisol, because at least the bomb doesn't want to corrupt the mortal »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » souls of all living things and render all of existance a wasteland of creepy tentacles and shitty purple that doesn't match properly with a nice crimson, why legalize it? Also as an aside, you do know that Khadgar ordered the extrajudicial killing »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » of Dalaranian citizens for being warlocks right? Like that was literally a thing we did. Also, fair and only warning, don't pull the hoity-toity sagacious and wise elf shit with me, it's not going to work and there are several people here who can »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » attest to my *ear-blistering* volumn and propensity to hurl office furniture and pay the fine for it when people get smart. Cut the shit or get hit.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard stares down Authan through the whole bit, dead in the eyes.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: *crowd, not crown, me is make words good, I swer))
Cerphiel-MoonGuard certainly doesn't want to cast anyone into the abyss, but if a portal opened up *accidentaly* and the Director just "happened" to fall in, he would not mourn the loss for very long.
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: (why big word when small word do good ))
Salazar-MoonGuard nodded, "Always colorful, never a disappointment."
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: (big word sound more smartly)
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Archmage Liridian, you were around in the past for all this talk, what say you?
Vanidicus raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Aurienae.
Binklestein-MoonGuard expression remained one of suprise and interest.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: Those of you who know me are well aware of my history within this Senate. I was the former Minister of Justice back during a time when this Senate was in turmoil.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard grins at Salazar and waggles her fingers as if to say hello and to reciprocate the sentiment.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: I had a great many struggles and issues, one of which was an addiction to Fel magic. I spearheaded a campaign to legalize the Fel under many of the same arguments I am hearing here today in regards to the Void.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: My input for those of you who would hear me is such: the Void is an intrensic part of the universe. As there is Light, there is also dark.
Authan-MoonGuard stares back at Oli through the whole talk with a shocked expression. More with the how she speaks than with the message.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: However, that does not mean that we should welcome such here. As is evident to likely everyone here, my campaign failed spectacularly and I had to take time to deal with my own addiction to the Fel. I am since running on two years clean of Fel corruption.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: My point is: Fel and Void are both dark, dangerous magics. As mages, it is our duty to study all aspects of magic, but it is NOT to practice them all.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: So, in essence, I believe such magics should be carefully understood, but never practiced and never allowed to seep into the stones of this city...not like the Fel once did. Thank you.
Aurienae curtsies.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard raises his hand.
Salazar-MoonGuard nodded, "Senator Roeser."
Authan-MoonGuard raises his hand.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard raises her hand to que up behind the ren'dorei, she's played this game before.
Aurienae-MoonGuard smirks softly. "I do believe I feel the temperature rising."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard whispers back audibly, "Yes, two individuals seem to be emitting large amounts of hot air."
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: Well, I shall be brief, as I believe other senators have spoken better on the matter. I believe that the void, like the fel, is more danger than it is worth. And even disregarding its corruptive nature and what it might entice its practitioners to do... >
Aurienae grins wickedly at Oliviaxi.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard notes Oli's raised hand, but has some other thoughts as to where she can stick her limbs.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard indeed agrees, she has ideas where she'd like to jam her fists into. Perhaps a few chest cavities.
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: ... I have concerns regarding precisely how one-way these mental whispers are. Extended void use would only generate greater risk of information and security leaks, in my view. Dalaran should definitely study the void, extensively. But never condone its >
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: practice.
Aurienae nods at Roeser.
You nod at Roeser.
Binklestein nods at Roeser.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: General.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard nodded and clears his throat.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard scowled, as he is wont to do. "I see we are climbin' th'ladder into hyperbole land. Lets head back down a little bit, keep things civil here." He glanced back and forth between the void elves and Oliviaxi. "But, at its core the issue stems from a
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | single issue. Corruption." He glanced to the void elves again. "An' I honestly mean no disrespect by thi...but void corrution is an inevitability. It is th'magic of old gods an' twilights hammer. We have very hard evidence that a state of coherancy
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | cannot last forever. We have had senators in th'past who have been ascended into elemental status through ritual. And gone inevitably mad." He let his gaze linger on the void elves for a moment. "And now you hear the whispers of the outer dark. And
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | for now your iron will holds it back. And for so long as you hold it back, you will allways be welcome here...but we will not let this state of affairs spread to others willingly. Each encroachment of th'void into the minds of mortals is anouther
Vanidicus-MoonGuard | toe hold for the darkest ones of all." He looked back to the other senators. "Hold nothing against those who knew not what they get into. Ren'dorei are the former. But those who activly seek out the power of the void to practice, we cannot allow."
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: No exceptions.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: A mountain may bar a river, but the river will wear it away in time. It is hubris to suggest otherwise, an' it is folly to think that all who might wish to research an' practice this magic can do as you do.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: And then the river will form an ox-bow lake when its meander is too wibbly-wobbly to maintain the course it's on.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Yes, if you feel like dilutin' th'metaphor.
Authan-MoonGuard looks concerned with Oli's mental state due to the language she uses.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: Oh Oli. As eloquent as ever.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard shrugs, nothing to do for it after all.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Chief Alchemist.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard sighs. "The point is moot to an affect is it not? As Aurienae points out, the Void is an intrinsic part of the universe, whether we like it or not. As life to death, and as creation to entropy, the call of the Void is both imperceptibly close, yet so »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » uninmaginably far. It is a natural force, and frankly a part of who we are. With every cast I make, every pull into the arcane nether I draw strenght from the Void. It is the eldritch chill of the great abyss itself that supports my powers of frost. »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » To tell us to cut ourselves off from the use of the Void is to tell us not use our eyes to see, or our noses to smell. I note the previous instances of Fel, and Fel userss within the Senate, but none such user was ever as connected as we are to the »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » Void. We have seen the Light be used in terrible and selfish ways, we know that magic of other kinds can be both addictive and used for ill manner. Can you not see the use of the Void in your ranks for the greater good? Stormwind employs state »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » sanctioned warlocks as an example. You have among your number those who are able to harness and access a tool for the defense of Dalaran. I do not take great liberties with the permission I seek. At the most basic I ask that we be allowed to study »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » and shape the Void for the benefit of our continued existence. I want to beter myself, and use my power to protect and support my fellow Senators. However, if you lot are so adamant in your thoughts, your discrimination, and your ingorance, then why »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » even allow us a place here at all? I will not be a second-class citizen in my own home! You deny who we are, and use our knowledge at your disposal, yet you sit here debating my very existence!"
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Mercury is an intrinsic part of the earth but I'm fucking retarded if I start mainlining it via intraveinous drip. And we're not suggesting to kick you out, we're suggesting you shouldn't be allowed to fuckle with void magic, take a deep breath an pull »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » on your big-boy pants.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard pinched the bridge of his nose.
Aurienae-MoonGuard winces.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: I suggest you put on your big girl words instead before speaking,
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Captain, if yer not gonna maintain decorum, ye can be dismissed.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard feels uncertain if she should stand between Cerph and Oli so a fight didn't break out. She looked nervous enough to do it to.
[Aurienae-MoonGuard]: I know I am no longer a Minister with authority...but I will request that you not use that word, Oliviaxi.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: I would merely like to suggest that unnecessary hyperbolic presumptions on the part of *certain* Senators does this conversation more harm than good. We're not suggesting anyone be bodily thrown from the city after all, despite how much *certain* »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » Senators may like to try to do that to me at present.
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: (( Sin'dorei Ren'dorei staredown commence ))
Lunarglow-MoonGuard looks very put off by this whole affair
Oliviaxi stares Valashyl down.
Salazar-MoonGuard rubs the bridge of his nose many times.
[Valashyl-MoonGuard]: At last we meet again Olivia.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I will interject here, but where do I begin?
Binklestein-MoonGuard lets out a small sigh, looking amongst the Ren'dorei, he too now was having a diffcult time with knowing his own stance on the matter. He has had much time and experience to decide so, but what would it be in his eyes compared to his fellow comrades, »
Binklestein-MoonGuard » his peers.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: ((we can't stare down when our idle animations cause us to look away from each other))
Valashyl laughs at Oliviaxi.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: First, on the second-class citizen part...
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: You are not, you are as much a citizen as anyone else. But at the moment we have Laws that govern and we require that all citizens of Dalaran respect them. That does not make you a second-class citizen, that makes you a law-abiding citizen. I am still »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » perplexed as to the need to practice Void within the boundaries of this City, as opposed to literally anywhere else. Second, I am troubled by your statement as to how connected to the Void you are. You are and were well aware of Dalaran's stance on »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » such magics, as much so as it's stance on every other dark magic, such as Fel and Necromancy. Dalaran has never accepted such magics within the Kirin Tor, and its use was grounds for immediate dismissal. That you are here is a testatament to how far »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » we've come in relaxing some of those restrictions, but regardless of where this ends up, no legislative amendment can force people to accept what they innately understand to be a deeply corrosive magic. Senator Duskfall, did you choose voluntarily »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » to imbue yourself with Void, becoming a Ren'dorei?
Kyàndra-MoonGuard remains quiet, simply listening to all the points being made in regards to the topic at hand. Unconciously, both hands move to the front of her figure, one idly gripping the wrist of the other. She looks over at Cerphiel at the presented question, »

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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Kyàndra-MoonGuard » curious herself, but uncertain if maybe the question was a bit personal.
Roeser-MoonGuard 's eyes widen at the Chancellor's question, before he looks to Cerphiel, awaiting his response.
Binklestein-MoonGuard eyes look to Cerphiel awaiting his answer, he too was curious to see what truth would come to light on the topic.
Aurienae-MoonGuard cocks her head, as if listening to something. She sighs. "If you will excuse me. Something has come up. Chancellor, I take my leave, but you can find my re-application on your desk when this is through."
Cerphiel-MoonGuard stands proud and firm as he responds to the Chancellor. "My family were quel'dorei, born and bred in magic. My friends were humans, stalwart and most proliferous of the Alliance races. My home of Theramore was destroyed by the sin'dorei, while I »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » studied in Dalaran and could not help them. I sought out the support of Alleria Windrunner and her ilk, to give me the power to save everyone I could against the evils of the world. If that means I must take a step into darkness myself, I do so »
Cerphiel-MoonGuard » willingly. I consider you all my new family, I consider Dalaran my city. I am who I am, and I will not change."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: And you knew what you were doing, when you accepted Alleria's help?
Roeser-MoonGuard raises his eyebrows. "...was that a yes ?"
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: T'was.
Roeser-MoonGuard 's jaw hangs open low. "YOU DID WHAT"
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: "I choose to be ren'dorei, I choose to be a citizen of Dalaran. I knew what I was doing, and I do not regret it. I only ask that others understand it, and what drives me. I took up the Void to defend others, to make up for those who I could not."
Lunarglow-MoonGuard blinks and looks away, frowning deeply
Roeser-MoonGuard shakes his head in disbelief.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard doesn't say anything to Cerphiel's answer, looking over at Sal to see what he had to say on the matter.
Binklestein-MoonGuard arches his brow at the response given by Cerphiel his expression one of confusion but he remained silent out of respect towards others, his head now looking low to the ground.
Authan-MoonGuard looks at Cerphiel with an understanding expression
Cerphiel-MoonGuard looks back at Kyandra, silently searching for support.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard just shakes her head and laughs. "You literally corroupted your immortal soul and your natural essence for power, but because you're incorruptible, we should give you special dispensation and ignore all else we know about the void. Right. Makes sense »
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard » to me Chancellor, I'm changing my vote!"
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: There are countless ways to defend others, Senator. Be it through the use of Arcane, the Light, by communing with the elements or nature. Hell, even by learning how to swing a sword. But actions have consequences, Senator. You voluntarily chose to take »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » up the Void and you should have been aware of what that meant. As a citizen of Dalaran, you more than anyone should have known what that meant. The Kirin Tor expelled Kel'Thuzad for necromancy, and the Kirin Tor's treatment of the Void is no »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » different. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard finally breaks her professional manner to outright sigh at Oli's sarcasm.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: While we're at it, lets get a Senate approved coven of Demon Hunters, and why don't we bring back whats his name to get a Senate squad of Death Knights going?
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Captain.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard said firmly.
Authan-MoonGuard raises his hand once more.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: Just as the Kirin Tor can pride themselves as a center of magical learning, and expell others who do not conform neatly in order to how they see fit.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: The General has a word and may interject.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: That is our prerogative, Senator Duskfall.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Quiet yerself for a while. Ye just came back. These new folks who've been here a while deserve yer repsect, an' you will show it.
Salazar-MoonGuard composed himself, "General."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard shrugs, not exactly denying that she's being disrespectful, and not otherwise speaking. She does stick out her hand though.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard lets out a hiccup of a sound, looking around and frowning deeply
Jarrick raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Lunarglow.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard whispers across the room, "I've got a flask to cure those hiccups if you want person-who-I'm-not-familiar-with."
Lunarglow-MoonGuard winces at the idea
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: To take in void magic is a foolish thing, but power ye have gained. An' arcane magic will remain the demese of Dalaran. You have all th'rights an'privledges of a magi of Dalaran. But void magic shall not be permitted. Through arcane magic we build
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: civilization and great things. Through it we are like unto gods. Void magic is that of decay and entropy. It is th'antithesis of what we want. We learn of th'enemy so we can best defeat them, an' in th'past we have allowed cancers born of that desire to
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: fester in th'heart of th'Kirin Tor, and each time it has led to ruin. Th'Violet Enclave, our covens, our sanctioned users of dark magic. Each time over and over we repeat the cycle where we hear these same words you give us now. 'We must protect
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: others with this dark magic.' Senators Duskfall an' Nightbringer. I am proud t'call you my brothers of th'Kirin Tor. Ye have fought besides me an' served with gallentry. But today I must oppose you. We have been down this road of dark magics many
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: times. While -you- have the iron will -fer now- to handle it. We cannot relax th'law such that anyone can do it. Use your arcane magic an' build with us. You need not th'shadow."
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Nightbringer.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard sighs sadly at the General.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "Firstly, I want to point out that Director Coen has been nothing but disrespectful to most of us and the proceedings of this meeting. We all wait for our turns to speak. Why does she believe she has the right to answer every single person is beyond »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » me. Secondly, and more importantly. I believe you all are failing to understand that without the Void there is no Void Elfs! We do not ask you to allow every upstart apprentice to dabble on the void. But to allow us, the Ren'dorei, those that have »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » proven to walk on the shadow without succumbing to it, to continue being who we are."
Vanidicus-MoonGuard shrugged slightly, his stoney visage did not change.
Roeser-MoonGuard raises a hand.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Nightbringer...
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I have a question for you.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard raises his hand, to add something after Roeser.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard raises her hand as well
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Does being a Ren'dorei mean that you must use Void at all times, including in this City?
Binklestein-MoonGuard raised his hand and spoke for but a brief moment. "Apologies Chancellor, but I have another appointment to attend with those in Stormwind City, I'll leave my report of the ongoings on your desk on my way out, knowledge guide each and everyone of us." »
Binklestein-MoonGuard » Oswaldo would raise his hand the arcane energies arround him teleporting him away to his destination.
You nod at Binklestein.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Eye watch over you, Ozwaldo.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "Being a Nethermancer means you have to call upon the Nether all the time Chancellor? I believe it doesn't the same applies to the Void."
Salazar-MoonGuard looks at Authan, "No, it actually doesn't." He then turns to Roeser, "You raised your hand."
[Authan-MoonGuard]: ((it doesn't. The same..))
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: ((ah))
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: Senator Nightbringer, you bring up the fact that the ren'dorei should receive special permission to practice void because you have "demonstrated mastery and control over it"...
Authan nods at Roeser.
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: But I'd state that, with the exception of those few who made the... truly confounding choice Senator Duskfall did, the fact ren'dorei exist at all is the fruit of the opposite being true!
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "What do you mean?"
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: Most ren'dorei came to be from incidents resulting from LACK of control of void!
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "I was there Senator. I know how it happened."
Roeser-MoonGuard shrugs. "My point is made then. All the unwilling ren'dorei are proof of how you do NOT have the mastery over it you claim."
Cerphiel-MoonGuard quietly ponders how most beings are created because of accidetnal conception.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Alright, alright, that's enough of that.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Duskfall.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard remains quiet, though she does look over at her teacher briefly, trying to gauge an expression to see his thoughts on the discussion at hand. Unable to find one, she looks back at the general discussion.
Authan shrugs at Roeser. Who knows?
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: "If I may, I would like to point at that, as we take Roeser's account into thought, that the creation of ren'dorei was an act that happened after the fact. Before, they were sin'dorei studying the secrets of the Void, yet after, they became something »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » new; ren'dorei. They were no longer elves *studying* the Void, but elves that were a *part* of it. That comes with a higher understanding and intimacy. I will say that like any practicioner, we are ever learning and practicing. But as Authan says we »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » have already demonstrated a skill and finesse in our powers. Talk keeps circling back to taking the void away from void elves. We could sooner ask a Lightforged to separate themselves. We are beings of the Void, and our presence is a constant draw »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » upon that source of magic. Frankly, it is nigh impossible to divide who we are and what we do."
Salazar-MoonGuard looked at Cerph with a "You don't say?" look.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Wintersong.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Evil may have created you, evil may have left its mark upon you. But evil does not rule you, and as such you maintain your status here.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: But you do not have th'right to spread evil via its use. Keep it contained, an' all is well.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Coen.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: I only wish the right for contained permissions for myself. Unless you believe I intend to summon Void Lords in the streets and cast everyone to madness at a whim?
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: (woops sorry for interjecting lol)
Authan nods at Cerphiel.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: "Look, I'll level with both of you, I can accept that I'm being prickly and being caustic, and that that suggests *all* kinds of things about me and my character and you're welcome to point them out and we can fling shit at each other until I'm as blue »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » in the face as you are, but none of this, and I mean *none* of it, changes the fundamental fact that there is a key distinction that you're both trampling over here. Not a single one of us here is suggesting, and I would go further to say that not a »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » single one of us would support legislation that would take direct steps to make either of you or any other lawful Dalaranian citizen a second class citizen. Senator Roeser sort of alluded to the point hat those of us that have risen concerns about »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » tonight are speaking to, it's to the idea of loosening restriction on the active use or study on void magic itself as a school of magic. As it stands, darker magics are strictly and very tightly controlled, and correct me if I'm wrong Chancellor, »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » but there are very few specifically granted dispensations for such that have multiple checks to prevent them from being made hastily, by design. This is the status quo that ren'dorei currently operate in, and the legal framework that has allowed in »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » ren'dorei to the city and to the Senate at large. Your legal status, insofar as I am aware, will not change. What is being contested is the notion that loosing restrictions is a good idea. To that end, arguements about the inevitability of »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » corruption have been raised, about the similarities between other deeply corruptive and largely illegal forms of magic that wouldn't enjoy any special blanket dispensations, and how unnecessary loosening restrictions is, given that Dalaran as a city »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » is a magocracy of arcane mages, for arcane mages, by arcane mages, and explicitly to the point of charging agents of the Six's will to extrajudicially take the lives of Dalaranians when they were found to have stepped outside of the law and embraced »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » the darker magics beyond what is allowed by statute. Dalaran is a center of learning, yes, but that mandate isn't a blank check that you can use to suggest that those of us that are cautious of genuinely dangerous and also corruptive influences are »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » somehow acting unreasonably. And that's as diplomatic as you're going to hear from me if you're seriously going to suggest without an iota of self-awareness that being corrupted by void magic means that you need to start casting void magic »
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: » *actively* while within the city.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard imagines oliviaxi as talking extremely fast.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard needs a second to read the wall of text.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard raises his hand.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Wintersong.
Vanidicus nods at Oliviaxi.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard flashes back a thumbs up to Van and downs a shot from her flask. Flask von Flaskington, First Among Flasks, hasn't made an appearence in awhile.
Roeser-MoonGuard eyes Oliviaxi in confusion for a moment, preplexed by the reasoned speech, before cautiously nodding in agreement.
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: "I must say, that we are going in circles currenrly. We have heard both sides of the argument, aand neither side is willing to budge. My piece is that as a student of both magic -and- history, I cannot in good faith condone the practices of such »
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: » magics. I fear the cognitive dissoance I am hearing as well will prove troubling in the future. I am wary to admit that playing with fire is a good thing, merely because the whole forest has not yet been set ablaze. I also find the notion of second »
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: » class citizens preposterous and almost offensive, considering the fact that the Ren'dorei have been welcomed with open arms, made citizens, and treated with respect...regardless of their condition. For shame that we would be accused of treating »
[Lunarglow-MoonGuard]: » others as lesser, merely due to our reticence in allowing the legal practice of corrupting magics.
[Kirikara-MoonGuard]: Hey gamers.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Senator Duskfall, and then if anyone has any concluding remarks, as I believe as Wintersong has said, that all major points have been raised.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard raises a hand.
Authan-MoonGuard waits after Oli to raise his hand.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard isn't bothered by Nightbringer having waited. Jimmies not rustled.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: "I will no longer mince words regarding the use of void magic and presence of void elves. We *are* here, and as I have said before there is no such distinction between us individuals and the bindings of our bodies. To have us here as you lot say is »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » unique instance, caught in between Dalaran law. Currently I only see arguments being made for total separation; I circle back to the second-class citizen remark. What can it be thought if you only allow part of us to be present, to be accepted? »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » Seperate but equal? As the Chancellor stated before, one cannot have their cake and eat it too; one cannot have void elves without the void. You curtail our right to existence, and thus no matter how prettily you gild your words, your restrictions »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » prove to us that we are not granted full acceptance. The circle here represents us as mages, and you still insist on throwing us ren'dorei out of it's loop."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard just rolls her eyes.
Lunarglow-MoonGuard narrows her eyes "then perhaps you should have thought about the repercussions of your actions. and with that, I take my leave, I've a mountain of tomes and less than a week to read them"
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Director.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard holds not warm smiles for those who mock him.
Jarrick-MoonGuard is waving his face with his hand right now for no apparent reason.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: "I put this to task, you either accept us or you do not. There is no inbetween, because intermediate existence is not a complete one."
Kyàndra-MoonGuard has been relatively quiet for the meeting. Her ears are low, uncertain of what to say on the matter. She saw the reasoning in all the points being made...but she wasn't sure how to word her thoughts.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Quick question. Through arcane magic I can easily unmake a man. Do I have th'right to do so merely because I can? Arcane magic is as part of me as ye claim th'void is fer you.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: or should I restrain myself an' abide by th'law fer th'greater good of all?
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: I question the validity of the comparison to be honest. Are you as, yet a creature uknown? A being of the arcane energies? Ask a Titan to stop using the arcane, and see how well that goes."
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: i didn' say that. I asked you if that just because I can do somethin', i have th'right to do it.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Or are there circumstances in which fer th'good of all, our abilities must be restrained fer th'sake of all.
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: "Never have I inidicated that I have such great indiscretion within my control and ability to warrant such an errant accusation. Much as some of you may think, I do not intend to destroy us all in the great dark, just as you hopefully do not intend to »
[Cerphiel-MoonGuard]: » mana-bomb cities from orbit."
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard continues to roll her eyes and shakes her head, "FOR MY CONCLUDING STATEMENT, Which I've been patiently waiting to deliver, Dusk's being a drama queen, we know what we've said and this Committee didn't even nearly descend to violence like the last »
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard » almost did, so great job everyone. Also the wifey had that statement." Oli taps at her holobracer and reads directly from it, "Fuck void magic with its own disgusting slithery tentacles thirsty for nubile uncorrupted elf-flesh, and all its »
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard » practitioners." Oli looks up with a grin, utterly unbothered, "How much of that was Olivia and how much of that was me I'll leave to your imagination, but wifey's not feeling it either, afraid to say, and her mom's a degenerate sin'dorei warlock or »
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard » something, I try to put her out of mind. That's all I've got really. Drinks and post-committee shittalking sounds good if anyone's game."
You blink at Oliviaxi.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Nightbringer, your concluding statement.
Vanidicus-MoonGuard waited for the captain to finish then looked back to Duskfall. "Then use that supreme command an' control to hold back yer awesome powers of th'void. Just as I restrain myself from 'bombing cities from orbit." He scowled.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard raises Flask von Flaskington, First Among Flasks, in salute tot he Chancellor.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard looks at Oli. "I will no longer tolerate such insults and behavior. If you have a problem with me, feel free to eat it/"
Roeser-MoonGuard shakes his head slightly at Oli's language, but a slight smirk escapes from the corner of his mouth.
Oliviaxi-MoonGuard downs a deep drink from it.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Everyone, pipe down.
Kyàndra-MoonGuard 's ears are low...there was a lot of back and forth happening.
[Authan-MoonGuard]: "When I decide to follow Magister Umbric with his research of the Void I was a broken person. Part of broken people, banished from our city for seeking to use something that nobody understood to help. When we emerged from Telogrus Rift with the help of »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » Lady Alleria Windrunner. We were strong again! And in control. I understand your feelings about what you don't understand. But, the Void is not a monster. It can be controlled and us Ren'dorei are proof of it. *He pauses for a second* "I will »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » reiterate that: First, we do not want to allow any person to practice this sort of magic. Second, we won't plan on opening rifts or summoning void lords into the city. Third, we do not feel that Dalaran is using the assets that the Ren'dorei bring »
[Authan-MoonGuard]: » to the table accordingly"
Cerphiel-MoonGuard nods at Authan, fully agreeing.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: Alright then, now I will give my concluding remarks, and then this meeting shall be adjourned.
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: Hmm.. You all will have to excuse my departure, but I must get back to my place in Dalaran and sort through an array of papers, items, and other possessions before the night is over if our meeting is about to be adjourned, Chancellor? Our conversation »
[Levinarr-MoonGuard]: » on the void has been helpful and more understanding. Thank you.
Oliviaxi waves at Levinarr.
Oliviaxi is looking for an opponent!
Jarrick-MoonGuard turns his [Autographed Hearthstone Card] card over, revealing a [Common Hearthstone Card]!
Vanidicus wins the match!
Jarrick cries.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: This was a lively discussion, and sometimes colorful. Nevertheless, with both sides having raised their points, we are no closer to a resolution this evening. With all of the comments made, I still have not heard any reason why being a Ren'dorei »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » necessarily means use of the void within our City. As far as I understand it, one can be a Ren'dorei and live as a citizen among all others within Dalaran, but that does not require the use of the Void. The Laws of Dalaran places many restrictions »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » on Arcane and that does not mean that people here or largely within this City are unaware of how to use that magic, but they are nevertheless prohibited from doing so. Just as I have the ability to carry my fist into another's face, as muscles, »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » arms, and hands are part of -who we are-, I must nevertheless refrain not the least of which because it is illegal. While a crude comparison, Void being intertwined with a person on this deep of a level is troubling, but the question arises of how »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » do we separate the Ren'dorei from the Void? We do not. To be a Ren'dorei is not to be illegal, but Ren'dorei at the present time have a choice upon entering this City, and it is the choice that all others must make when refraining from committing »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » certain acts. Just as it is illegal to raise the dead or commit misuse of chronomancy, the ability to do something does not mean that one has the absolute right to do it. As an example, we once had a chipper Senator named Lyssandra, who was a being »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » made of time. And while she had the absolute power to use chronomancy any way she saw fit, the Laws proscribed limitations on her ability to do so. At this time, the same is required of Ren'dorei. Furthermore, those who voluntarily chose to become »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » Ren'dorei by infusing themselves with the Void knew what they were getting themselves into, and actions have consequences. To come to Dalaran and complain that the Kirin Tor does not accept Void in such uses is frankly disingenuous, because not too »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » long ago such use among the Kirin Tor was tantamount to a blanket death sentence without due process of any kind. That being said, I believe there is a middle ground full of strict regulations surrounding mental checks of individual Ren'dorei to »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » ensure that their corruption.. and yes, it is a voluntary corruption.. has not receded to the point of madness-- a condition that is not true of Arcane. Dalaran is a Magocracy founded by magi, for magi, and of magi. It is not required in any shape »
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: » or form to allow a blanket check for all practice of all types of magic in the name of research. The Kirin Tor has always been thus strict, and the fact that we are having this meeting is a testatement to us being open to the changing times.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Hey wait I said that last bit!
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: I want royalties on those words boss.
Oliviaxi points at you.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: I'll give you a bottle of gnomish vodka.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Done.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: No take-backsies.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Or I'll steal your chairs.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: That being said, this meeting is adjourned.
Vanidicus nods.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: Should...should we "For Dalaran"?
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: I'll be in chambers.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Fer Dalaran.
[Salazar-MoonGuard]: For Dalaran.
You nod at Vanidicus.
[Jarrick-MoonGuard]: Fir Dalaran.
[Oliviaxi-MoonGuard]: FOR DALARAN!
Levinarr-MoonGuard was the first to turn after his dark pale indigo ears perked to the meeting becoming closed and having been waved at.. He silently walks up the stairs, but not without nodding to his student, Kyandra on his way out and as his long purple cloak dragged »
Levinarr-MoonGuard » the steps behind him.. He was off to somewhere.
[Roeser-MoonGuard]: For Dalaran.
Cerphiel-MoonGuard sighs and does not take part in the traditional ending.
[Vanidicus-MoonGuard]: Eye watch over you all.
[Velthoren-MoonGuard]: For Dalaran.

Archmage of the Kirin Tor
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