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Rules and Information

[Pinned] Ranks of the Magus Senate

In the Magocracy, the legislature and the civil service are fused into a single body. Senators both take on the role of voting on legislation as well as serving within various roles in a governmental capacity. The ranks of the Senate are according...
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Rules and Information

[Pinned] Ministries of the Magus Senate

THE MINISTRIES OF THE MAGUS SENATE:(If you have interest or any questions regarding the Ministries, contact any Minister and they will lead you in the right direction!) Organizational ChartThe ChancelloryChancellor: HellissaThe Chancellor of the ...
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Rules and Information

[Pinned] Guild Rules [Please Read]

Guild Rules and RegulationsNOTE: As always, the Magus Senate and its officers request that all members (OOC or IC) adhere to the rules and regulations Blizzard has set for us on role-playing servers. 1. Our rules are subject to change based on the...
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Rules and Information

[Pinned] Senate Session Decorum

When the Senate is in session there is a certain standard of behavior senators and guests must follow. Terms Session: Session is when the entire meets together and is called into order by the Speaker or another presiding officer. Presiding Offic...
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Rules and Information

Attending Events

If you are attending events, the first few times might feel a bit confusing. Roll events are generally set by the event DM, and the thresholds fluctuate depending on what the DM is looking for. But here is a standard flow of the event.DM emotes a ...
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Rules and Information

Committees of the Magus Senate

Standing CommitteesStanding committees are permanent bodies with specific responsibilities spelled out in each committees description. Committees must include at least three members, who will elect one member to act as Chairperson. Standing commit...
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Rules and Information

On Archmages

After seeing a great deal of MRPs, applications and stories of characters that are Archmages at younger ages, I feel it a requirement to discuss the nature of the title of Archmage and what it means in roleplay.While there are some examples of an ...
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Rules and Information

Harassment Policy, Please Read!

Humanoid Resources Harassment Policy! As the Magus Senate of Dalaran is a work place, a harassment policy is now going to be in effect. Harassment comes in many shapes and forms, and is highly frowned upon as it takes away from work place producti...
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Rules and Information

Dalaran Building Use

The Magus Senate uses various buildings in Dalaran as stand-ins for other places.Curiosities & Moore Consignment House/Dalaran Visitor Center - The Office of the Chancellor/AdministrationThe Violet Gate - Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Just...
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