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[Pinned] Acts of Senate Structure

The Acts of Senate Structure page is a reasorce for all members to use as a guide to how Acts are written and structured. This page outlines all the terminology and he general way for people to structure bills that will be read before the floor. L...
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[Pinned] Vote Office Information [Please Read]

The Vote Office Forum is for posting legislation that is being voted on in the Senate. It will stand as a record of all the votes in the Senate that involve legislation. Proposed Legislation Any Senator can propose legislation all one must do is p...
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Senate Facilities Act

Text of the proposed Act here.
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(Passed) Forbidden Magics Enforcement Amendment

An Act to amend Title III of the Laws of Dalaran governing Forbidden Magics.Text of the Act here.
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(Passed) Prisoner rights act

The text to the act can be found here
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Nethermancy Act [Passed]

Text of the Act here.
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Chronomancy Act [Passed]

Text of the Act here.
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Forbidden Magic - Nethermancy (Amendment) [Passed]

Re: NethermancyText of the Amendment here.
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Extended Health Coverage Act [Passed]

EXTENDED HEALTH COVERAGE ACT 36 L.C. Chapter 5An Act to extend health coverage and benefits towards spouses and immediate family members of all Senators within the Magus Senate of Dalaran.Be it enacted by the Magus Senate of Dalaran by and with t...
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Vote Office

Pay Rate Increase [Passed]

After looking at our current numbers and noticing that there has not been a pay increase in some time. Thus, I am proposing the following increases in salary to match Dalarani inflation.PR-0 (Delegate) 7.5G Per Month, to be paid on the first of ev...
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Civilized Persons Act [Passed]

CIVILIZED PERSONS ACT36 L.C. Chapter 3An act to outlaw any barbaric and inhumane practices from the Magocracy of Dalaran.Be it enacted by the Magus Senate of Dalaran by and with the advice and consent of the Representatives and Senators in this p...
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Standards in Honor Dueling Act [Proposed]

STANDARDS IN HONOUR DUELING ACT 36 L.C. Chapter 4 An act to better regulate the initiation, organization, and conduct of Honor Duels and their participants.Be it enacted by the Magus Senate of Dalaran by and with the advice and consent of the Rep...
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Warrants Act [Passed]

WARRANTS ACT36 L.C. Chapter 2An act to clarify and outline the obtainment of warrants within the Magocracy of Dalaran.Be it enacted by the Magus Senate of Dalaran by and with the advice and consent of the Representatives and Senators in this pres...
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Vote Office

The Reformation of the Parliament of Violet Shadow Act.

Introduced by Rosalyn Lenningsway.Sponsored by:None. THE REFORMATION OF THE PARLIAMENT OF VIOLET SHADOW.In the shadow of evil, we strike evil in its heart. Purpose. 1: Long ago, after the splintering of the first civilization, our ancestors were ...
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Repeal the Religion Act [Passed]

Introduced by: Senator Zanbor EmersonSponsored by:Senator Hellissa BrisbyRepeal the Religion ActAn Act to repeal a Law of Dalaran, relating to religion.BE IT ENACTED BY THE MAGUS SENATE OF DALARAN.Section I.The law known as "The Religion Act" is t...
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Denouncement of Stormwind House of Nobles [Passed]

Introduced by: Speaker Zanbor EmersonSponsored by:Senator Gehlnarine LiridianDenouncement of Stormwind House of NoblesAn Act condemning the Stormwind House of Nobles.BE IT ENACTED BY THE MAGUS SENATE OF DALARAN.Section IThe Magus Senate of Dalaran...
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Sapient Being Act [Passed]

Introduced by: Senator Garthluzad BlackmoreSponsored by:Senator Hellissa BrisbySenator Verus BaelheitSenator Gao ShangSenator Vanidicus AlexanderSentient Being ActAn Act to amend the Laws of Dalaran, relating to sentience.BE IT ENACTED BY THE MAGU...
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The Religion Act [Passed]

From the desk of Meriahm Lausten:This is the rough draft of the act I will be proposing a week from Saturday. Please read it carefully, and send me any suggested changes or thoughts. Once I have a final version released, I do not wish to edit it u...
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Honor Duel Act [Passed]

Bill: 172-D Proposed regulations to the 'mage duel' system of trial by combat.Proposed regulations listed below.1. If one of the combatants is pregnant, they are disbarred from entering the duel. If one or both parties is disinclined to reveal thi...
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