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The Vault

The Arcane Vault

Deep within the Violet Citadel, the Kirin Tor maintains the Arcane Vault, which houses Dalaran's most powerful artifacts. Under heavy magical and physical guard, the Vault is considered impenetrable due to the mysteries that lie within.
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The Vault

The Dawn Vault

(The lighter counterpart to the Dusk Vault, obviously!)Found items by the Academy's Research Group. Some items are not yet classified!)Ulduar Finds:Green Dragonscale: Likely from the green drakes that thrived within the Conservatory. Kirin Tor Sta...
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The Vault

The Dusk Vault

The Dusk Vault is a large, warded, underground vault built beneath Raventhorn Manor in a secluded corner of Duskwood. This Vault is already filled with dark texts and artifacts that have recently come into the possession of myself, one High Nether...
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