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Rise of the Homunculi

The Lucid Nightmare

How long have I been here?It feels like a damn eternity. It's maddening. I'm trapped here and...I can't get out.I'm certain this was to keep me illusion. A nice feelgood place to keep me contained. Ugh...How did I even get here? I we...
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Rise of the Homunculi

++Internal Memo: Mage-Commander Compromised; Not for Public Consumption++

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Rise of the Homunculi


Stepping out on the balcony, Salazar indulged in the cool breeze that meandered between the violet towers. Breathing it in, he felt at peace. By now he had gotten used to the massive fel planet brightening the sky with its sickly presence, but eve...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Hellissa's Reveal

Receipts to Charities:Dalaran Orphanage: 145,000GHomeless Pet Care: 134,000GHomeless Citizen Fund: 142,000Dalaran Rehabilitation Clinic: 17,000GDalaran Youth Center: 122,000GDalaran Children’s Reading Program: 10,000GKirin Tor Marmot Ball Team: 6,...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Ilmarinen

"Three hundred sixty-five point seven three one by eleven hundred twenty one by forty-five point two."The wind of the frozen cliffs ripped through the robes of the auburn-haired Pyromancer. Even his gloves could not fully protect his hands from t...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Press Release 12/10/17

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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Salazar Demes

“Huh, what was that?” Salazar thought, unable to speak with a warded muzzle tight around his face. His eyes darted left and right, the only part of his body he could move.“I recognize this,” he continued to think, his eyes noting the black marble-...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Dalaran Times Special Edition

SECRET SENATE BIO-WEAPON? MAGE-GUARD HUNTING SHAPESHIFTER LINKED TO THEFT OF ARTIFACT By Felia Silverman Leaked information from the Mage-Guard reveal they have been searching for a shapeshifter who may have been responsible for the theft of the...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Lyssandra

“Napping again? We could play another game if you are bored.” Fuerel offered, chewing his lip. “I don’t have to work on this right now, it can wait.” As he put down the phoenix feather quill that Mab had gotten him for Winter’s Veil last year. He ...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Dalaran Times

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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Ministers

December 3, 38 L.C.PRESS RELEASECabinet of Ministers on High Alert as Strange Occurrences Unsettle DalaranA series of anomalous events in Dalaran, starting with the Senate meeting last Saturday and last night’s breach of the Arcane Vaults has caus...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Zanila Twinwrench

A spark, then a rift in space opened in the workshop of Grand Engineer Twinwrench, the portal fully open as the gnome stepped out of it. Sighing softly as she stepped forward, the portal closing behind her with a snap as she walked towards her wo...
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Rise of the Homunculi

Campaign: Bran'allius

Surveillance systems active...Bran flops down onto his chair, speaking. "Perhaps it is a sign? Ever since my trip to the void my connection to the light has gotten weaker. Maybe they knew and tried to trick me?" Bran pauses...A figure in the corne...
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