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Senate Facilities Act

Text of the proposed Act here.
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Case File DDG 13U-A9: Lira

April 2, 38 L.C. - Questioning of Zanila TwinwrenchThe following is classified and would not be known to the public.Logging started on 04/02/2018 at 20:36:55.Salazar-MoonGuard slowly approaches the cell in which Zanila was kept, nodding his head t...
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(Passed) Forbidden Magics Enforcement Amendment

An Act to amend Title III of the Laws of Dalaran governing Forbidden Magics.Text of the Act here.
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Stepping out on the balcony, Salazar indulged in the cool breeze that meandered between the violet towers. Breathing it in, he felt at peace. By now he had gotten used to the massive fel planet brightening the sky with its sickly presence, but eve...
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Salazar Demes

The Nethermancer
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