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D20 & Combat

According to your RP, classify yourself as one of the list below. These classes represent your powers broadly. The classes are situational and may not be applicable at all times.

Battlemage: +2 to combat rolls +2 to magic rolls
Arcanist: +4 to magic use rolls
Scout: +4 to stealth rolls
Spellbow: +2 to combat +2 to perception
Magi-tech Engineer: +5 to anything involving magical devices or mechanical usage/repair
Mage-Guard: +4 to combat rolls
Medic: +4 to healing rolls
Battle-Cleric: +2 to healing rolls +2 to combat rolls

According to your personal RP, classify yourself as either as an apprentice level mage, a full magi, or an Archmage. There is no detriment to any level really, just a bonus according to how you RP your character. The specializations are situational and not applicable at all times. The rolls bonuses for your class and specialization stack together.

Specializations represent your characters broad strengths regarding magic IE what you’re good at or focusing on.

Non-magi: Non-magi in Dalaran inevitably have some manner of gear or training involving magical augmentation, benefitting from their position in the city of magic. Some non-magi use magical gear for offense, or choose to oppose magi speciality; select either the spellblade or spellbreaker specializations.

Mage-Priests: Mage priests may select specializations as a Magi (2).

Other Healers: Priests or healers of other sorts may select the ‘healer’ specialization.

Apprentice mage may select 1 specialization. This is to represent broadly your level of skill at magic as a relatively ‘young’ mage. Apprentices may select 1 specialization, and you receive a +1 bonus to situations involving your specializations.

Magi are full mages and have a great deal of training. Through months and months of time with the senate, or years of study otherwise, magi are well versed in all of the schools, and generally specialized in two schools at their most powerful. Magi may select 2 specializations, and you receive a +2 bonus to situations involving your specializations.

Archmage are the products of years and years or decades of training. The requirement to become an Archmagi is to have total mastery of three schools of magic and proficiency in the rest. Archmagi may select 3 specializations and have a +3 bonus to situations involving your specialization.

The specializations are as follows:

Divination: bonus to scrying rolls or sensing and stuff.
Transmutation: bonus to teleportations, magic transformation, or object transformation.
Conjuration: bonus to creating objects (affects quality)
Abjuration: bonus to defensive rolls and shields
Evocation: bonus to offensive magic rolls
Enchantment: bonus to imbuing things with power and using constructs
Illusion: bonuses to being sneaky and cloaking and disguise and perception
Spellbreaking: flat offense and defense bonus when fighting magic users (+2 offense, +3 defense) non magi only
Spellsword: flat offense and defense bonus when fighting magic users (+3 offense +2 defense) nonmagi only
Healing prowess: Dedicated healers get a flat +2 bonus to healing and defensive rolls.