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Rise of the Homunculi
December 5, 38 L.C.


December 8, 38 L.C.


By Felia Silverman

Leaked information from the Mage-Guard reveal they have been searching for a shapeshifter who may have been responsible for the theft of the Artifact that led to the arrest of Lyssandra LaChance earlier this week. This has led to many groups questioning the motive of this and if this shapeshifter was created by the city of Dalaran as well.

We spoke to Marcus Cogspin, founder of the Dalaran Watch-dog group Mage-Eye, for his comment on this and his response may shed light on what is going on.

"Oh yes, we have known about this for some time. We have gone on again and again about "Project Black Mirror". It is a plan in which Dalaran mages created a shapeshifting infiltrator to replace and lead in key positions of allied nations. Before they could implement it they scrapped it in fear of being found out. We had speculated the existence of this but we lacked proof, until now. How many of these creatures have escaped? How many are replacing people and keeping the Mage Council in power? "

Mr. Cogspin went on to elaborate that the aim was to no matter what, keep the mages of Dalaran in a place of power and immunity to the consequences of their continued use of magic and the collecting of dangerous artifacts or weapons that could end life as we know it on Azeroth. While the city has been a haven to those in the Broken Isles, he states that it is also there to collect and horde any artifact, Titan, Void, or Fel to keep themselves in power.

If these allegations turn out to be true it may shake the very foundation of the Mage city of Dalaran. We intend to reach out to the Ministry of the Interior for a statement on this discovery and if true what else they can tell us about this project and what danger it holds for the citizens of Dalaran.